Collection Letter Checklist

A letter arrived from a debt collection agency. These are companies that collect debts for other people. They want money for an outstanding invoice and collection costs on top of that. Do you have to pay for it? Let's see!
Mann sitzt am Schreibtisch und liest ein Anschreiben eines Inkassounternehmens

Is there an unpaid bill? Have you bought something or forgotten to pay the phone bill?

Does the main claim, i.e. the price for the goods or service, match the original invoice?

Before the letter from the debt collection agency, were you asked to pay again? Or did it already state on the bill, that there would be trouble if you don't pay within 30 days?

☑ They are demanding reminder fees. Is the amount correct? The firstreminder must normally cost nothing! For each further reminder up to €3 is ok.

The collection agency wants to be paid for taking care of the unpaid bill. Is the amount OK? With an unpaid bill up to €500, costs up to €27 are allowed.

➨ Did you answer "yes" everywhere? Then you must pay as soon as possible to avoid further costs. If you can't pay or are unsure, you need advice. You can obtain this from the consumer advice centre.